Company Overview

Barilo’s Fine Sausages is a meat processing company that manufactures and distributes an assortment of European-style deli meats throughout Ontario. Our wide range of products provides best quality meats, cooked, smoked and roasted by using traditional European meat processing methods and recipes. Company offers a variety of more than 50 top quality specialty meat products, such as: salamis, bolognas, sausages, bacons, hams, loins, pastramis, wieners and dry cured meats


Barilo’s Fine Sausages is family owned company was founded by Nikolay Barilo, his wife Ida and their sons Edward and Alex. Nikolay’s extensive knowledge and experience made him one of the best manufacturers back home in Moldova; therefore, he decided to create his own brand of smoked meats and sausages in Canada. The first plant opened its doors in Mississauga, in 2005. Edward has become the production manager, and significantly expanded the variety of products using his butcher skills and previous experience in deli market retail. Furthermore, Alex’s background in engineering and analytical skills helped to transform a small business into a leading and well known meat processing manufacturer in European communities of Ontario.

In November of 2010 Barilo’s Fine Sausages has opened the doors to a larger plant in Newmarket. Today, company’s 20000 sq .ft. facility is fully equipped with the advanced high technology computers, German made innovative meat processing equipment, smokehouses and packaging machines. The facility was built to meet or even exceed the toughest food safety requirements. The company also developed and implemented HACCP plans.

In addition to the latest technology, Barilo’s emphasizes the importance of traditional values therefore the company was built on offering the highest quality and value in its authentic deli meat products. Time honored family recipes have been passed down through the generations, rich with ethnic heritage which led us to be an established brand name in the European delis and stores.

In March 2013 Barilo’s Fine Sausages Ltd. has successfully passed the federal government audit and company’s HACCP system was recognized by Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Starting April 2013 the company officially operates under federal inspection.

In October 2016 Barilo’s Fine Sausages successfully passed an SQF audit with an impressive score of 98. The company is officially recognized by GFSI.


Our commitment to producing high quality products has earned us national awards for meat product quality and superior taste.
In 2009 for our famous Cervelat salami in the biennial Finest Meats of Ontario Completion.
In 2011 we were honored to take home a gold medal for our turkey pastrami and silver medal.
In 2015 Smoked Bologna, Karbonad-Roasted Pork Loin, Krakowska sausage.


All natural ingredients! Try Barilo’s and taste the real gourmet flavour!
Barilo’s Fine Sausages takes pride in using only natural ingredients. It’s all about fresh Canadian grade pork, poultry, turkey and beef and natural spices. All of our products are free of gluten and allergens, but still full of flavour and great taste.

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