Get inspired with our delicious cooked salami products, "Cotto Salami", made from select lean trimmings of pork and beef and fully cooked to perfection. The many varieties of flavors and forms combined with both an intensive spicy aroma and a long shelf life will make it your favorite sausage. Try it as a snack served alongside fresh fruits and cheeses or slightly grill the salami for a hot yummy sandwich. It makes for a great addition to salad.
Our philosophy for Roasted Deli Meats is making them the best in the industry with amazing taste and uncompromising quality. Making it lean, flavorful and working hard to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds – our selection of roasted deli meats turns any sandwich into a delicious treat. Sweet, savory or spicy – we give your family all the flavors and options they want.
It doesn't matter how old you are, our famous Bologna will bring out your best school memories. Made with only the finest ingredients, it will make a killer sandwich on white bread for "kids" of all ages. Explore our variety of bolognas tastes with French toast or try grilling a thick slice of our bologna combined with a slice of onion and Gouda cheese to experience a completely new taste. And, don't forget the mustard!

If you and your family plan to spend the weekend out of town, take Barilo's Smoked & Cooked Sausages with you – ready for grilling or tossed into your favorite dish for effortless meal preparation. Filled with good quality meat and carefully blended seasonings, fully cooked sausages need only to be heated and require sheer minutes on the BBQ. Barilo's Smoked Sausages will elevate any simple dish with their full, robust flavor. The result? Truly extraordinary meals in minutes.
Experience the great smoky flavor and delicious versatility of our high-quality variety of Smoked meats. Staying true to the authentic recipes created centuries ago, our smoked meats truly deliver a wonderfully distinctive taste. Specially seasoned then slowly cooked and smoked with hardwood, they are fresh, warm, flavorful with the right amount of spices – ready to be plated for your wonderful party. Not to mention they can be a tasteful addition to breakfast with scrambled eggs.
Our salamis are a perfect combination of the locally raised natural pork, beef, finest seasonings and spices. The exclusive flavor is enhanced with aging of this product for a minimum of five weeks in special climate control rooms. Traditionally, in Eastern Europe salami is a great appetizer when sliced thin on a plate and served with cheese, grapes, crackers, red wine or cognac.


Spoil yourself with our selection of Dry Cured Smoked Meats; you will be surprised by their balanced, delicate and juicy cured taste. Covered in a distinctively smokey flavour, brought out by the smoke of real wood fires, their appetizing colour, appearance, and delicious flavour will leave your guests with nothing but compliments. Thinly sliced and paired with cheese – a must for any charcuterie platter.